• Our Price Certainly Helps All of You

    Our quality Wooden Toys / Montessori Toys / Montessori Materials, exported at factory-direct prices, allow you to reduce your cost outlay. Ultimately, we can all provide an affordable educational experience for our little kids. Whether you’re looking for Montessori Learning Materials or Wooden To...
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  • Features of Montessori Sensorial Material Pink Tower Teaching Aids

    Features of teaching aids 1. Montessori teaching aids do not use colorful and mixed colors, and mainly use simple and clean colors. Because it has educational significance, it usually uses a single color to highlight the true educational goal, that is, it has the characteristics of isolation. For...
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  • Let’s Start to Play and Learn with Wooden Toys

    When you play, and you learn, then clever up. The wooden toy is the start of everything and, with Clever-Up! Learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Most of the wooden toy can be kids preschool educ...
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